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1220/ 1450 mm cladding corrugated roofing sheet tile making machine for India market   

1220/ 1450 mm cladding corrugated roofing sheet tile making machine for India market   

1220/ 1450 mm cladding corrugated roofing sheet tile making machine for India market
The cladding corrugated roof tile making machine work

1220/ 1450 mm cladding corrugated roofing sheet tile making machine for India market        

   The cladding corrugated roof tile making machine work flow:
   Uncoiling---Main roll former---Cutting device---Product collect table

 What feature of our caldding corrugated roofing sheet making machine has?
  1. The profile drawing is especially designed for  India customer, so the profile is very popular in India market.
   The machine can roll forming both 1220 and 1450 mm width, so you can get two kind of size to sell to your customer.
  2. Feeding table or leveling beach:
  • Pre-manual cutter to cut at any length or cut the start of untidy part.
  • Carrier roller can protect your coil from scratch. 
  • Film device can loading plastic film and covered on the roof sheet.
  • The rubber roller can help feeding the material into machine faster. 
  • The machine can roll forming 1220 mm & 1450 mm two kind of width. Here has hand wheel on one side to adjust the feeding width.

3. Main roll former:
  •  We add some full mould rollers to on the each side of roller station to ensure corrugated roof sheet edge won't rebound.
  • The firster roller station is whole molds and the all roller stations side part all whole molds for make the perfect shape of round wave.
  • The machine structure is vertical arch iron frame structure, it's more stable than middle plate machine structure when running.
  • The vertical arch iron frame thickness is from 30 to 45mm, different by the shaft diameter and material thickness, wave height and others.
  • Different with the milddle plate tilebox, it has two pieces of cover to protect and fix the tile box and then the shaft could be tightly on the frame to make sure the accuracy and rolling shape.
         Meanwhile all the tilebox we will Boiled black and then it will never go rusting.
  • Each side of the roller shaft we add thrust pad to prevent the roller shaft loose.
  • The roller and roller shaft have key-note, then they can locked together to prevent from roller abrasion.
  • The main roller station we use double chains driving, more stable and powerful.
  • The tile box also add two pcs to cover on it to ensure connected together more tightly.

  • The counter we use Omron brand, it's easyly buy from your market. And we use a pull rod to holding the counter and prevent it loose. 
  • The hydraulic cutting system we use machanical type, no easy broken.
  • Compared with the pillar pole system, this deisign is more easy to fix and seldom has problem 
  • There is no more borad and then the sheet can down to the ground easily, even if there is no stacker, it good to use. If the pillar pole type, we will design with receiveing rollers like pictuer with arrow.
  • The hydraulic oil pump station have cooling system, can help make the oil dregree lower and ensure the cutter running stable. 
  • Clear wires and aviation plug in the PLC system, very easy installation.
Technical parameter:
Decoiler Loading capacity 5 Tons
Main roll former Roller material  45# steel with chromed treatment
Roller shafter material  45# steel with quenched treatment
Roller station The roller will according to your profile drawing,diffierent dimension need diffierent stations to roll forming.
Cutting device Cutter material Cr12
Work speed  0-15 m/ min
PLC system PLC brand Delta
Frequency brand Delta
Counter  Omron
Other electric part Import brand

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